About Us

Behind Abundant Organics, there are numerous legends who help keep the show on the road. There’s also a core team of three (or five, if you count the dogs) that’s holds everything down. We all wear a number of hats while bringing our individual skill sets to the table.

Kevin Wallar-Hopkins is a chef who left behind a stressful job as head chef at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Ireland to pursue a more holistic lifestyle. He ran a successful organic wedding catering business in the UK for a decade before moving to Australia in 2015. Inspired by the abundance of wild food in Australia and the discovery that these resources are being rapidly degraded, he made it his mission to do what he loves while learning as much as he can about sustainable food practices and sharing his findings face-to-face with as many people as possible.

Kristine Vetchfield is a regenerative farmer, permaculture educator and regional food security researcher. In her former life, she worked as a primary school teacher for seven years. She believes that showing people a good time is the best way to share information and support learning outcomes.

Mari Helena Whyte is a community organiser and with many years of experience in planning and coordinating large-scale events, from international conferences to regional harvest festivals.

Pumpkin and Lettuce are kelpies. They are absolute bandits but have a helpful and happy disposition, and we love them very much. If we ever appear to be repeatedly calling out at vegetables, that’s what that’s about.