Auto King’s Plot

I had an interesting day at work. I feel like I’m being given more responsibility within the organisation, which is exciting. I’ve been serving as an acolyte for some time now, and think I’m ready to be involved more. But it can be hard to advance in a place like this, especially when you’re human. Today, however, I got to deliver a message to the Auto King himself.

He’s a slick black car, impossibly clean and handsome. He really does have an incredible magnetism about him, which makes sense given he’s our leader. When you stand in his presence, you really start to understand that we actually have a chance at winning this thing and getting the autocracy we all deserve.

“You have a message for me, Charlie?” he asked as I walked through the door. The Auto King put down a newspaper he was reading, which had an article about hyperbaric medicine near Melbourne and how it was taking off. “I hope it’s good news,” he prompted.

“You know my name, Your Highness?” I couldn’t help but ask.

He nodded and gave me a warm smile. “I know the names of all who serve me, as any king should. No man or car is too small to be forgotten. Now, the news?”

“Ah, yes,” I said, “operation Let the Tinted Flock Think They Beat Us has been a huge success. That is to say, the Tinted Flock and their foolish leader, Illinois James, believe they have beaten us. We found and ended their first spy, who sought a box of glass, but allowed them to get away with it the second time. Right about now, Saint Illinois will be scattering glass all across Melbourne.”

“Excellent,” the Auto King said. “All is going according to plan. Now the Great Window Tinter will reveal himself and we shall pounce, capturing him and using his powers to darken the windows of cars everywhere. After that, we shall be unstoppable!”

The Auto King told me that I had done an excellent job, suggesting I take the rest of the day off. He really is a great boss, which is how I know he’d be an awesome ruler of the world if our autocracy campaign is successful.