Benson’s Back!

Hey readers! It’s Benson Brabson, back in the saddle and reporting for duty. To everyone who saw Kirsty-Anne’s recent post on my behalf, expressing concerns about my disappearance, I’d like to first put your mind at ease.

Firstly, the eyewitness account that had me conversing with two large men in black suits at my front door, while not inaccurate, was misinterpreted. Those two men were, in fact, from the video production company. Melbourne videographers were recruited by me to fill out the holes in the documentary footage, caused by my inability to attend the lab in Switzerland in person.


I left the house in their black 4WD with dark-tinted windows, yes, but that was of my own volition. I promise! As a team, we went on a four-day bender sketching out the basics of the animated sequences. As to why these production dudes were dressed like secret agents, they’d just come from an industry awards ceremony with a black-tie dress code. Besides, actual World Bureau guys don’t dress like that. Trust me. I would know, given that I’ve been documenting their activities in Geneva for the past month.


So, yeah – sorry if I freaked anyone out. I can see how the confusion arose, especially given that note that I left on the kitchen counter. That was just a precaution, and I really didn’t expect anything to happen that would lead to misunderstandings of this nature. My bad!


Now that all the animated elements have been worked out, it’s just a matter of waiting for those to be put together, then teeing up post production services and finally getting this thing out there for the world to see. I’m really so pleased with how the work is coming together, in light of my lack of financial backers and travel restrictions, not to mention the sub-optimal authority of my main source at the lab.


From where I’m standing, each of these challenges has only served to strengthen the outcome but pushing the limits of my ingenuity. Stay tuned for release dates!