Birthday Earrings!

I love my parents. I am so lucky that I was born into their family instead of someone else’s. For as long as I can remember I’ve been different from other boys my age, but my parents have never made me feel like I should be like them. They’ve never made me feel bad for being different, and have always celebrated the fact that I’m alive, happy and healthy. I love them so much.

Even though they’ve done nothing but accept me for the past fifteen (almost sixteen) years of my life, I still get a bit nervous when asking them for something that is obviously different. I’m always nervous that I’m going to ask something of them and it’ll be too much, and then my parents will start to treat me like my friend’s parents treat them. My friend’s parents would go crazy if they asked for even something as simple as circle stud earrings for their birthday. They’d be absolutely beside themselves if their children asked for half moon earrings like I did. But instead, my parents just wanted to know what my favourite style is and where to buy them.

How did I get so lucky? Something I go to bed at night and think about how wonderful my life truly is and feel blessed by all the love and support I get.

I’m so excited to get my earrings for my birthday. I know my mum has bought them because I saw the cutest little earring box next to her bedside table. She doesn’t wear much jewellery so it would have to be for me. It looks like she even bought the earrings in Melbourne, which means so much to me because my friends and I only buy stuff locally these days. 

When I grow up and become a parent of my own, I’m going to make sure I’m as nice and caring as my parents. I see how much it hurts my friends that their parents don’t accept them, and I never want my kids to feel like that.