Build My Castle

I am on a mission to build the biggest house in the southern hemisphere. As it stands currently, the biggest and most expensive house is worth $46M, and I want to double that. I’ve purchased an entire suburban block to build my home. Now it certainly wasn’t easy acquiring this block, as I had to buy out all the residents and they banded together to make sure they made as much money from the sales as they could. The negotiations took months, but thankfully I had the best lawyers and came out the other side with every house under my belt and still plenty of money in my pocket. Being filthy rich certainly has its benefits.

The construction of my house is currently underway. It’s five stories and the size of roughly twenty standard sized houses. The designs for the surrounding gardens are immaculate. The gardens will be taken care of by my gardeners, and the house will have plenty of cleaners so that every room sparkles. 

Today is the day of the sliding doors installation. The doors at the back of the house will slide open to reveal the backyard, where there will be a fusion of an indoor and outdoor entertainment area. It is already shaping up to be the epitome of luxury, and I am ecstatic. 

Unfortunately I broke a window the other day when I was flying my drone around the property, which means I’ll need a timber window replacement. Melbourne, the city where this fantastic house is being built, has plenty of people that can do these jobs flawlessly. I haven’t had to lift a finger in this whole process, I’ve just been sitting back and relaxing. 

Being rich is so enjoyable. Anyone who says that you can’t put a price on happiness is wrong. I wouldn’t be anywhere near as happy if I wasn’t the owner of the next biggest house in the southern hemisphere.