Can’t Give Up

Is Lucian seriously going to give up on this marine welding thing? This is my livelihood we’re talking about here. My dream job, and he’s just going to sink it because it’s too hard? Meanwhile, I’m putting all my effort into finding out what caused us to switch bodies like in that movie Freaky Thursday. Maybe instead of sinking my ship of marine welding, Lucian should just “sell” the business to me. Then I can take over and he can get all the career advice he wants, while also searching for a way to release us from this curse.

What Lucian doesn’t understand is that I’ve worked my entire life to have this business. When I was in high school, I met up with a youth career advisor close to Melbourne, and she gave me great advice regarding what I should do with my life. I chose to become a marine welder, working hard to build my own business. It can’t just be thrown away like an old anchor, dropped into the ocean and forgotten all about.

So sure, Lucian, I don’t care if you want to change jobs while using my body. See a career consultant. Around Melbourne, there are plenty of job opportunities waiting for you, I’m sure. But don’t destroy my entire life in the process. I’m begging you. You can go become a teacher or whatever, but only once I’m back in charge of the business. Of course, once I’m in charge of my business again, I won’t have time to search for the cause of our body-swap.

I was following up a couple of leads, but I don’t think they’re very strong ones. Somebody I met on the street reckons there’s a wizard of replacing windows in Melbourne. That sounds suspicious, as wizards have magic and sorcery. A wizard of replacing windows certainly sounds like somebody who could put a curse on me and Lucian. I will have to investigate further, provided I can convince Lucian to keep trying when it comes to marine welding.

– Tommy