Charcoal and Mahogany

Get ready for charcoal and mahogany. Yes, you heard me. Charcoal and mahogany is the definitive colour combo of the year ahead, and you’d best get used to it if you’re not wanting to be left behind, stranded on the smart yet passé island of navy and copper. 


In particular, take note of this relation to your kitchen. Design experts Melbourne wide will be getting on board with it, so it will pay to know in advance what you’re in for. That way, you’ll have the power to decide if it’s what you actually want or not. That’s the key thing about trend forecasting, you know. It’s not about adopting trends, necessarily, but rather about being in a position to critique them, which starts with knowing what they are. 


No idea what I’m on about? Let me break it down. In this case, we’re essentially talking about colours. ‘Charcoal and mahogany’ is simply a fancy way of saying dark grey and brown. I’m saying that these will be the go-to colours for finishes, fittings and furniture in home interiors for 2020, with kitchens being a particular target for their application. 


It all about a ‘return’ to an ‘earthy’ look. Why the inverted commas? I use them because I’m sceptical about the notion of things returning in fashion, as it implies that they somehow went somewhere and are now being reinstated as they were, which is simply never the case. I’m also sceptical about the concept of earthiness when applied to popular design, as invariably it gets watered down and pasted onto things made of cheap plastic. 


The takeaway is that, if you’re in the market for a kitchen installation in 2020, you might want to know about this trend. It’s set to explode fast, trickle down fast, and evaporate fast, which means you might be left on an island that’s just as passé as this year’s one of navy and copper. If you like it, though, you should certainly go with the tide.