Criminal Lawyer

I’ve been watching this great television show lately, called Spanish Study Group, which is about an American lawyer who has to go back to school when they find out that he cheated on his bar exam writing the answers on the inside of his sunglasses. He forms a study group of other disgraced individuals for their Spanish class, and fun times ensue.

Anyway, the main character, Geoffrey Whinger, is a huge inspiration for me. He’s just so cool and uncaring, even when he loses his job, that I want to be just like him when I leave high school. Well, just like him without the part where he cheated on his lawyer examination and became disgraced. I want to inspire people and fight for the little guy, just like Geoffrey does.

Tomorrow I’ve got an appointment with my school’s career counsellor. Melbourne High apparently gives great advice to their students, so I kind of wish I was there. But I hear our career counsellor is pretty good too. I just want to know how I can become a lawyer in Australia as quickly as possible.

There’s another television show I’m watching called You Should Ring Jimmy, about a simple lawyer who gets repeatedly dragged into other people’s messy business. His brother has a fear of oxygen, which makes it pretty hard for him in his daily life. I think Jimmy is a pretty cool lawyer as well, so he’s a bit of an inspiration for me as well. The episode where he proves that his brother is actually allergic to paper, not oxygen, was simply brilliant.

If our school career advisor doesn’t give me the best options, I’ll find another one. I’ll get career coaching and advice for students that can help me get a law degree in less than a year. Even if I have to take a cheap and quick online course from the University of Colombia as Jimmy did. Who cares if I cut a few corners? I can’t afford to wait half a decade to become a lawyer. People need my representation now.