Emergency Brake Repair

My parents are the most irresponsible people I’ve ever met. They’re disorganised and lazy, and would rather everything around them go wrong than do anything to prevent it. Would you believe that until I turned eighteen I didn’t even know that you were supposed to get your car serviced regularly?

I thought that people only went to the mechanic when something was drastically wrong with their car. I never knew that there was any other reason to go to the mechanic. Bentleigh has plenty of mechanics in the area, so my parents couldn’t even use the excuse that they were too far away. They didn’t have an excuse other than the fact that they couldn’t be bothered. It’s actually a bit pathetic if you ask me. 

In my mid teens, I got a part time after school job and started saving up for a car. I didn’t realise that once you actually had a car, there were so many other payments that you needed to be able to afford. This was a result of bad parenting. You could imagine my shock when a couple of months after purchasing my second hand car, I was told that I could have avoided getting this urgent brake repair. Moorabbin, where I was driving when my brakes stopped working, was luckily close enough to the local mechanic that I could get there safely. 

I was able to push my car about 100 metres down the road to the mechanic. He was shocked that I had never gotten my car serviced, and I was shocked that it was something I was supposed to have done. He explained that if I had gotten my car serviced when I first bought it, they would have been able to see that there was something wrong with my brakes and fixed them there and then. Because I hadn’t gotten my car serviced, this emergency brakes repair cost me so much extra money. Annoying.