Exterior Restaurant Painting

I’ve just opened a restaurant bar in the Melbourne CBD. It took me three months to open after purchasing the building, which I was very happy with. In this time I hired staff, perfected the menu, designed the restaurant’s interior and had all the walls painted. In its opening week the restaurant has been a success and if it continues to go anything like it has this week, then I am in for a very lucrative couple of years. 

Something that surprised me this week is what my customers think is the defining factor of my restaurant. It’s not the delicious drinks or food menu, although both were highly commended by the customers. It was actually plaster repair and restoration of all the walls. The building I bought was old, and everyone was mentioning how I had brought the building back to its former glory. Apparently this restaurant will be popular with a large group of people who are Ye Olde Melbourne enthusiasts, which I’m very happy about.

Because I bought the whole building, I also had the outside of it painted by an exterior painter. Melbourne restaurants have to fight to be the best in the industry, which means presenting a front that is appealing to customers is vital. I truly believe in the saying “you eat with your eyes” and in my opinion, that begins from the very first moment you see the restaurant, it doesn’t just include the appearance of the food. 

I’m really glad that I put a significant amount of time into establishing the restaurant before opening. I could’ve just opened it straight away and made a decent amount of money, but because of the time and effort I’ve put into restoring the restaurant, I’m going to be much more well off in the future.

I’m very much looking forward to my restaurant thriving now, and well into the future.