Feeling Flat

I’ve always had trouble with sore feet but never knew why. I love music, but concerts are a painful experience for me because you usually have to stand in a crowd for hours at a time. By the end, it feels like my feet are on fire and I’m about to fall over. I always assumed that was normal and other people were just better at dealing with it than I was. But today I learned the true reason behind my foot pain: flat feet.

It’s something I’d never even heard of before. Apparently it’s not just a real condition, but it’s one that’s treated seriously by every foot specialist. In fact, it’s treated so seriously that in the first world war, flat-footed people weren’t allowed to serve in the military because they weren’t suited for marching. I’ve been living with this my whole life and had no idea! Why didn’t somebody tell me? 

I think back to all the times I’ve complained about my feet hurting and how nobody said a thing. If one person had said I could look into orthotics near Cheltenham, that would have saved me so much pain. Sports in my schooling years, festivals, amusement parks, all things that were supposed to be fun, ruined by my condition. And now I learn that it can be aided. Oh, how I wish I’d known sooner! 

If not for meeting this awesome guy, Mitchel Scarn, I never would have learned the truth. Apparently he manages an office and one of his old employees, back in America, put on a health insurance form that they have flat feet. He had no idea what it was either, he even thought it was made up. They got into a big argument about it, until eventually Mitchel went on the internet and discovered the truth. And to think, if we hadn’t run into each other at the bus stop, he wouldn’t have told me this story, and I never would have known! Thank goodness for random meetings.