First Log Book Service

I just turned eighteen and my parents bought me a car! Best birthday present ever! Even better than last year when they bought me a brand new phone and an electric guitar. I don’t have a job so I never would have been able to afford it without my parents help, but luckily they’re well off so them buying me a car doesn’t really break their bank at all. In fact, I knew they were going to buy me a car.

In one month, I’ve got my first log book service. Once again my parents will pay, as all services and petrol costs are included in my present, but I have to take the car there myself to get it done. My job is to make sure that all the appointments are booked and that I attend every car service, so that I learn how to be responsible. It’s a bit of an effort, I wish my parents would do it for me, but they put their foot down when I asked. I guess I can’t have everything. 

I don’t really see the point of visiting the mechanic shop. Underwood, where I live has plenty of them, but if my car is brand new and working well, then why do I need to go? It just seems like quite an effort. I’m not really keen on making an effort for things that I don’t see as important. If my car was broken then yeah, it would be worth it, but it’s not whilst it’s brand new. I told this to my parents last night but they didn’t agree with me, and said that the car will break a lot quicker if I don’t get it serviced regularly. Annoying. 

I really like driving my car. I’m the first person at my school to get their license, and so I’m getting even more attention than I usually get. I’ve always been popular, but now my popularity has gone to the next level. I actually might be the most popular person in year twelve now. Pretty cool. Having a car is awesome. The responsibilities that come with it though? Not so much.