Glam Sham

If Hollywood movies are to be believed, offices are sites of dastardly powerplay, scintillating intrigue, and all manner of other fascinating goings-on. I’m here to call phooey on all that – in actuality, offices are one of the most mundane places on earth, with the high point of the excitement being someone single-handedly changing the filter in the water cooler.


Sure, they can be glamorous, especially if someone’s put a bit of care into creating a custom office interior. Designers Melbourne wide compete for the opportunity to develop workspaces for big-name companies, creating the ubiquitous veneer of glamour that allows even the dullest  exchanges to take on an air of high-stakes drama. Between an Orson Welles-inspired lighting scheme, industrial-chic reception desk and partitions from a little-known Icelandic design house, it’s easy to feel like corporate thrills are just around the corner.


Here in Melbourne, custom office fitouts typically extended to functional features like integrated tech and seamless storage solutions, as well as layouts and work stations informed by psychological insight. Office interiors, then, go beyond the purely aesthetic, weaving together the needs of organisations with the needs of the people within them. 


Once you’ve worked in the spaces long enough, though, you come to realise that it’s all just floating on the surface. They are indeed glamorous, and often very beautiful, but that doesn’t change the fact that the underlying action is not particularly noteworthy in the ‘drama and intrigue’ stakes. Not to say that nothing of note goes on in offices – it’s just that the manner in which it goes on is generally pretty unremarkable. 


Then again, my line of work is accounting for companies that make cloud accounting software, so maybe I haven’t seen the full scope of thrills and spills that offices are capable of eliciting. If I want to find out the full story, I might need to go into stockbroking, or commercial law, or fashion… I’m willing to bet it’s the same story there, though.