Glass Puppy

I just adopted a puppy! He is an 8 week old Jack Russell named Juddy and he is literally a ball of energy. Juddy couldn’t be crazier if he tried. I absolutely love him. The only problem is, he’s so small. My boyfriend and I have a pool in our backyard with a fence that has gaps roughly 40cm apart throughout across the entire structure. Juddy is about half that size, and won’t be much bigger when he is fully grown. 

We’ve already seen Juddy jump through the gap and make his way to the pool (much to our shock), which we stopped very quickly. But what happens if we don’t see him? Our fence just isn’t sustainable anymore. The last thing I want is to come home to find Juddy has ended up in the pool. My heart couldn’t take it.

So we’ve been researching different types of pool fences. We’ve been looking into getting a Melbourne glazier to come in and install a frameless glass pool fence. It would be a completely different look to the one we have now, which honestly, is a good thing. Maybe the glass fence will give us some ideas for how we want the backyard landscaped, and it’ll kick start a whole backyard renovation! I am getting ahead of myself though. The fence is fine, it’s just for Juddy’s sake. 

We’ll have to make sure Juddy knows about the change of fence. Imagine if our poor little puppy ran into the fence thinking it wasn’t there anymore. Poor little guy would get the shock of his life. On top of that, if he ran at it as quickly as he runs at everything else, we could end up with a crack in the brand new glass. That’d mean we’d need to repair it before the month was even up. That’s certainly not ideal.

Funny how adding a new member to the family can kick start a whole new project. Here’s to many more family members in the future! I think the new members will call for a glass balustrade on our stairs, how cool.