Gold Coast Road Trip

I’ve had my fair share of great life experiences. I’m twenty six years old and I’ve travelled the world, Australia included. Despite travelling the whole world, one of my all-time favourite memories was exploring my home state of Queensland. My girl friends and I went on a trip down the coast of Queensland in the height of summer. The whole trip can be described in three words: hot, beach & convertible. The four of us rented a bright pink convertible and drove down the streets of the Gold Coast with our music blaring and the sun shining down on us. 

The convertible was given a through pre-trip check, complete with car air conditioning service, in our hometown of Toowoomba, so that it was ready for us to drive up and down the coast. We didn’t want to pick the car up once we were already there because that would defeat the purpose, so we made sure to have the convertible serviced and ready to go. It was a fantastic idea by us. It meant that our holiday started so much sooner than it would have, and we felt fabulous the entire time. 

After one of the most memorable weeks of my life, I returned the convertible to the mechanics shop. Toomwoomba isn’t as spectacular as the Gold Coast, but it certainly does have dedicated mechanics and a real charm. The mechanic was really interested in hearing all about my trip, and let me talk his ear off about it. It wasn’t how I was expecting to finish my holiday, but it was honestly a really fantastic way to do so. The conversation made me thankful for where I come from, and proved to me why Queensland is not only the best place in Australia, but in the world. In saying that, I can’t wait for my next overseas trip. Bring on South America in 2023, it’ll be epic.