Government House Conveyancing

It’s been a hectic morning at Government House, but I’ve found the time to write a blog post anyway. I’m sure that meeting about the current pandemonium going on in the world can wait. What else have the other Australian Premiers and the Prime Minister got to do today? Nothing important, I’m sure. I haven’t written about the affairs of Government House for a while now, so I think this is more pressing.

First, I think I should talk a bit about what I’m doing. Later today I’ve got a meeting with a conveyancer near Melbourne, which I’m expecting to go pretty well. I’m close to buying the house I’ve always wanted, just as soon as I make the necessary changes to the Sale of Land Act. It’s just one of the many benefits of being Premier of Victoria. I’ve had no need for a buyer’s advocate, because I can just change the laws to suit whatever I need.

These new changes will make it easy for me to get a section 32 statement, which means my dream house will be mine sooner. My conveyancer is very much against the idea, but I told them that I’m not paying for advice. Just make sure it gets done. I’ve got the money to renovate if there are any issues with the house, missed because of the rushed section 32. I’ve had my eyes on this place for some time now and intend to get it.

As for the actual government here in Victoria, we’re doing pretty well. Nobody noticed that I swapped some money around from the public transport department to finance the road travel plan. Our new Grottos and Goblins roleplaying adventure is also about to begin, whenever we can find the time. It seems like everyone is really busy lately, which is unusual for this place. Maybe I’ll have to make it an official team event, compulsory for all staff. That will get them on board!