Heart Grows Pond-er

I’m glad Ted has found a hobby that’s keeping him active and lively, although I do wish he’d come in from the back yard once in a while. Once he starts up on his pond-building, he’s at it until 8 in the evening, tinkering and rearranging, hemming and hawing to himself. He’s always been a keen gardener, but I’ve never seen him engaged in quite this level of landscaping action.


It really went up a notch when he discovered the ‘aquatic and semi-aquatic’ section at the local plant nursery. He took a particular shine to the Japanese iris cultivars, which he’s really gone to town with. To his credit, they seem to be doing well at the water’s edge, which I found quite impressive. 


I wasn’t so impressed when I came home last week to find that Ted had moved my baby bay tree to make way for a second pond, which will feed into the main one. The poor thing (the tree, that is) seems to be okay with the transplant, although I can’t quite fathom why the new pond had to go precisely in that spot. According to Ted, it’s something to do with the angle of the sun and how that’s going to affect his plans for cultivating aquatic culinary herbs. That’s all well and good, but what about my land-lubbing culinary herbs?


Like I said, I’m glad he’s got a healthy hobby that he enjoys doing, especially now that he’s retired. Lord knows it keeps him out of my hair, and it will be nice to have a beautiful water wonderland out the back. I just hope it doesn’t take over entirely, so that I have to navigate a complex series of bridges in order to get to my roses, not to mention the parsley patch. 


On the other hand, the aquatic herb garden could make for a nice addition to our culinary repertoire. I wonder what you can do with gotu kola?