Heater Hair Dryer

One of my favourite ways to unwind and relax is to wash my hair. When my hair is washed, I feel like a new person. It’s as if I’ve washed away all my problems of the day or all my mistakes from the night before, and means I can start fresh with a clean slate. I usually wash my hair in the morning before work so that I can feel like my best self when going into the office, ready to start the day.

In summer this is really easy to do, as my hair dries quickly in the heat. In winter though, my hair can be wet for hours if I don’t have the heater on. At the start of every winter, I hire a technician to do heating system service. Canberra can get very cold, so it’s important that my heater works at all times. I’ve gotten so into the habit of washing my hair every morning that I’d feel dirty not doing so. This means that it’s an absolute necessity that my heater works.  

In my opinion, morning rituals are important for the soul. It makes me genuinely happy to jump in the shower every morning and then have my hair smell like coconut for the rest of the day. I sit in front of the heater each morning and eat my yoghurt and berries whilst my hair dries, and it’s practically a form of meditation. It’s really important to me, and I’m thankful that I’m able to carry the ritual through winter because of my ducted heating. Around Canberra, the winters are just plain cold, and if that stopped me from washing my hair every morning I’d honestly probably move somewhere warmer. 

I’m looking forward to the warmer weather, which is just around the corner. It’ll be a nice change to sit outside each morning with my breakfast, and let my hair dry naturally. I do love my heater, though.