Life In Random

I’m really enjoying my holiday from the great country of Britain. It’s not very often that we Elders of the Internet get to take a break. We have a very important job, protecting the world’s internet from criminals. On top of Big Ben, many epic battles have been fought, although nobody knows about them.

My holiday is taking place in Australia, in the little state of Tasmania. Many people have asked why I chose to come here of all places, and I tell them all the same thing: complete and pure randomness. You see, that’s the first code we swear by, to live our lives as the internet does, in unpredictability. So here I am, blogging outside of a good car service shop near Mornington. That too was randomly determined.

When I began to plan for my holiday, I went on the internet and randomly generated a country. North Korea came up first, but I wasn’t really into that so I did it again and got Australia. Then I had to decide where in Australia I would go, so I randomly generated a state. Once I knew I was visiting Tasmania, I had to choose which town, and got Mornington. Of course, I then had to randomly generate an activity to do, which is why I’m at a Mornington auto electrics company. I don’t have a car while I’m here, but I’m enjoying my day with the mechanics.

I hope that everything is going well with everyone back at work. We’ve been getting increased attacks by roleplaying groups lately. People dressed up as their favourite Grottos and Goblins characters. Our boss, Ace, hasn’t been too happy about it. He says if the internet box is destroyed, the entire world will “end in flame and suffering unlike anything your feeble human minds could ever comprehend.” I think that’s a bit dramatic, but I don’t want to lose my job. The pay’s pretty good.