Loose Braces

I’m the most standard person you will ever meet. I’ve done everything by the book my whole life, simply because I find it easier. I like following a process and I like things being done in order. I am the type of person that always follows the service guidelines in a car, goes to the doctor or dentist for a periodic check up and hands in an assignment three days before just to be on the safe side. To put it simply, I like being organised. 

Last year at one of my periodic dentist appointments, I was told that I need braces. I got the braces put on in my next session, as I’m not the type of person to delay necessary things and I now have appointments every three months. Next week I need a special orthodontics treatment because one of my braces has come loose. It was my fault because I bit into an apple when I wasn’t supposed to. It was a rare moment in my life where I didn’t follow the rules, and it came back to bite. Pun intended.

Luckily I already had an appointment booked in, because if I didn’t I would have had to wait months for one to come available. That’s one of the major benefits of having regular appointments booked in. Pre-planning works well at the best of times, and it works even better when you desperately need an appointment and you already have one. 

I’m looking forward to visiting my Bayside dentist soon. Seeing as I do everything so perfectly, I’m a bit ashamed that one of my braces has come loose. It’s the front one and everyone can see it, and I’m copping a lot of flack from the people who think I’m “too perfect” or “too uptight.” It will be good once my braces are tightened and I don’t have to deal with their mockery any more.