Magical Hair

Something I try to keep on the down-low is my secret to fantastic hair. My friends are always asking what products I use, how often I visit a hair stylist and which highly-rated Melbourne CBD hair salon I use. 

It’s a secret I will never share. But anonymously? I’m willing to tell whoever manages to stumble across this blog. I assume stumbling across it will be hard to do though. I have protected it as much as my technical skills allow me to. But for the lucky person who does manage to read this, here it goes. 

I’m magic. 

Yes you read that correctly. I am straight up a modern day enchantress. It’s a family trait that has been passed down by every woman in my family. I was lucky enough to be born into a jackpot of a gene pool. And that’s my secret. 

My hair always looks beautiful because I make it do so. It takes me less than a second to rock the perfect hairstyle, and there’s nothing I can’t do. But there’s no way I can tell any of my friends. To them I’m just a regular twenty-something year old woman. I’m definitely not a powerful witch who does her hair using magic every morning.

To keep my identity under wraps, I’ve come up with some vague responses about my hair. It would obviously be difficult for my hair to look this fantastic every day without professional help, so I always mention something vague about a Melbourne CBD hair salon and try to be done with it. If they press further I’ll mumble something more specific about a St James Place hair salon, without providing any of the details they so desperately want.

Sometimes I have the urge to offer to do my friends hair. I don’t know how I’d explain that it took me less than a second though. I should probably put that idea on the back burner for now. Maybe one day.