My Future House

I’ve wanted to build my own house for a while, but honestly, I just don’t see the point yet. Sure, I could build a standard house and have a standard mortgage. On the other hand, I could save up a bit more money and build a magnificent luxury home on the Mornington Peninsula, overlooking Port Phillip Bay. It’ll have to be pretty defensible, too, which is going to add to the cost. I just have this strange feeling that we will be dealing with huge sharks the size of battleships in the future, so my home has to be able to withstand those, especially if I want a house near the water. I feel like the best option is to get a lot more money, then get in contact with a luxury home builder who can help create my dream house.

Now, this is completely random, but I just thought of it as I was remembering what my childhood home was like. Have you ever seen those toys that look like gears or cogs? They come in all sorts of colours and you can put them together by connecting two at right angles. Man, I used to love those toys. As a child, they really made my house feel like a home. When I get in touch with some building companies on the Mornington Peninsula, I’ll be buying huge buckets of those little flower-like toys to put in my new home.

Speaking of random tangents, sometimes I feel like a kid minding my own business, eating spaghetti without any sauce. Then, all of a sudden, some adult walks up to me and takes a photo, and I look up at them with an evil stare. Do you ever feel like that? Don’t ask me to explain the metaphor, because I don’t think I can. If you get it, no further explanation will be needed. If you don’t, you probably won’t ever understand it. Now, what does this have to do with building my dream home? Absolutely nothing.