My Hunt Begins

I found the cliffs from my dream on a highly detailed online mapping software, the name of which I cannot speak, because I can’t remember it. The cliffs were only twenty minutes away from my house, so I rode there on my scooter and looked out to the ocean. There was no sign of the wreckage, and there had been no storm the night before. I had to assume that the vision I’d been shown featured an event from eons past. The items I needed could be anywhere by now.

Some mysterious entity known as the Heart of the Deep had contacted me, asking me to find various objects from a shipwreck. I should have been completing a project that required marine stainless steel fabrication near Melbourne, but I’d called in sick to pursue this odd quest instead. 

I spotted a small dingy at the bottom of the cliffs and proceeded to climb down the rock face. After about half an hour I reached the base, heading toward the tiny boat. I climbed in, grabbed the oars and, hoping to find one of the items I needed out in the ocean, started to row.

The wind picked up as if the air itself wanted to stop me from getting out there. But I pushed forward, and eventually, I saw it: fishing rod holders. Dozens of them at the bottom of the ocean. But which was the one I needed?

There was only one way to find out. I dropped the oars and stood, then leapt into the ocean. The water was cold on my skin, my arms immediately going numb. I opened my eyes against the salty water, tasting it on my lips. Swimming down, growing colder with each inch gained, I tried to find the right rod holder.

The one in my dream had been shining gold, beautiful beyond measure. I pushed a few of the other rod holders around and finally found it. Just as incredible as I remembered. I grabbed the rod holder and let myself float upward, toward the surface.

One down, three to go.

– Gillan Neptune