Outboard Overboard

The last thing you want when you’re out on the sea is issues with your boat. That happened to me once, when I was only young. Thankfully, it wasn’t my boat, and so it wasn’t my problem to deal with. But let’s just say, being stuck out at sea isn’t as fun as it sounds. I remember it distinctly. I was with a friend and his dad, who owned the boat. We were a fair way offshore when the engine went clunk.

My friend, Paul, always the joker, started screaming that we were all going to die. After Paul’s dad had a look at the engine, he knew there was nothing he could do. It had, apparently, been struggling for a while now, but he had put off getting it fixed. Big mistake. Paul’s dad asked me to pass him a yellow sheet of paper from his box of supplies. I went over, picked it up and read the words: Outboard Motor Repair. It seemed to be some sort of ad. Paul’s dad explained that he had seen it on a local noticeboard and taken it, intending to give his boat mechanic a call some time. Unfortunately, he’d left it a little too late.

We weren’t out there too long, as Paul’s dad was able to radio for help. It was a warm few hours, though, with Paul constantly complaining about it as well as the fact that he was hungry. We got a bit of fishing done, which had been the whole point of the trip, and the ravenous look in Paul’s eyes suggested that he was ready to eat the fish raw. When we got back to shore, Paul’s dad said he’d get in contact with the mechanic and have the boat fixed in no time. “Is he any good?” I asked. “You bet,” answered Paul’s dad. “He’s great with boats. Did my anchor winch installation, way back when.” And sure enough, within a week we were back out on the sea again. This time, I hoped, Paul’s dad would keep on top of the boat’s issues.