Renting Without Heating

Day 1 Without Heating

Yesterday, we had a man come to our house who told us that our heating was not legal. He had to disconnect it, due to our house not having good enough ventilation. I have noticed over the last few months as a tenant, that the house is either very cold or very hot. It traps both heat and cold, but never at the same time. With winter right around the corner, I wonder how we will possibly make it through the coming months. Then again, my landlord is surely required, morally and legally, to install a new heater and fix the ventilation issues. We have access to a wood heater, but firewood is expensive and difficult to get. With our car currently not working, we will not be able to obtain any. Should the landlord claim that the wood heater is adequate, and therefore they do not need to replace the wall heater, we are well and truly stuffed.

Day 3 Without Heating

I contacted our real estate agency, requesting that we have someone who can perform heating repairs near Melbourne come around to the house to see what it would take to fix the ventilation issues. The response was a swift “No”. This short, dismissive email I received filled me with such rage that it should get me through the first few days of winter, given the heat coming from my blood.

Day 4 Without Heating

Today, a technician who has completed many a ducted heating service in the Melbourne area visited to check whether our house would be able to get ducted heating. When I asked him for his opinion, he said that it was definitely possible, and wouldn’t cost too much. Apparently, he would be giving the quote to our landlord, who will then make a decision. I’m sure they will come to the right conclusion. Landlords always care for the best interests of their tenants, right? We’ll have heating again in no time.

– From the diary of a frustrated tenant.