Reversing Excuses

I think it’s time we got a reverse camera in our family car. I’ve been putting it off for a long time, but yesterday was simply too close for comfort. My wife is a decent driver, although she doesn’t like it. But reversing is her biggest weakness. I realised that yesterday when she backed into my personal car, in our own driveway. Personally, I don’t understand how that happens, but here we are.

Once my car is repaired, I’ll be taking the big eight-seater over to the best car service near Forster. I just can’t have that happen again. I don’t know why she doesn’t just look in the mirror or over her shoulder like the rest of us. Maybe it will be good, though. Maybe I’ll like using the reverse camera. Besides, I’ll have a few hours to do whatever I want at the local shopping centre. Maybe I’ll go to the music shop. If I walk out with a five-thousand-dollar guitar, I can just claim I wasn’t looking at the price tag when I bought it. Oh well, right?

How could I, while waiting for our reverse camera installation, possibly be responsible for looking in places that will save us thousands of dollars? And if I wander into GG Hi-Five and buy a new laptop and a gaming console without checking the price, who could blame me? It’s a simple mistake! Anybody could make it! Oh, I simply didn’t see that clearly visible sticker stating that it costs a thousand dollars. You can’t make me sleep on the couch, because I had no idea my actions would result in us not being able to pay the bills this month.

Why do I feel like that wouldn’t be a good enough excuse? Is it because it’s actually a terrible excuse for wasting so much money? Who would have thought? Maybe next time, I should look before buying a guitar, a laptop and a video game console. Maybe I should get a reverse camera installed on my head. Then I would have seen the price right behind me!