Servicing, Expanded

What a lovely Christmas that was! Went back to see the family in Chicago, and oh boy, when you get all of the McGees together it’s a sight to behold. Whether it’s sharing the news of the year over Christmas dinner, playing loud board games or whatever else, we communicate mostly in ‘nyah’ and ‘see’. Sometimes entire conversations are had in those two words, and we understand each other just fine. 

Back in the big old Australia now, though, and I’m hot on the trail of a hot, hot scoop! Cars! That’s right…I’m looking for an auto electrician garage near Milperra, which is a little outside my usual scope, but them’s the rules of the magazine. Yep, I got a gig writing for Car Servicing, but Nowhere Near Me. It’s a monthly publication where folks find out all about the car servicing, auto electrical and whatever else happening outside what they know. I get it…they want to broaden their horizons, discover new tricks and tips. However, it also means I’m up in Milperra. It’s nice.

So yeah, the way they do auto electrical and the like up here seems…pretty normal. I’m still digging the dirt, scooping the scoop, plumbing the depths of the limits of my journalistic integrity, nyah! The magazine wants ways people do things different here, and I’m gonna find something. For all I know, every time someone gets a diesel service done in this place, they dance around the car three times waving olive branches and singing an ancient Greek chant to protect the spirit of the car, or…something. Or maybe they just use a special brand of spark plugs. It’s probably something between those two things, see? This is like spot the difference, automotive style, and I was always great at spot the difference. I had the keen eyes of a reporter at age six, and even now, I’m gonna use those keen eyes to find out how these people do a diesel service. My camera and my notebook are ready for when they bring out the olive branches.

-Scoop McGee, Ace Reporter