Shattered Shower Screen

I just bought a tiny one bedroom, one bathroom apartment in South Yarra. I am so excited about it and I can’t wait to move in. Living in South Yarra will really change my life for the better. I’ll be close to my work in the city and have easy access to nightlife. 

I threw a housewarming party over the weekend to celebrate, but it went horribly wrong. It was all going well until someone threw something in the bathroom and smashed the glass doors of my shower. I was absolutely devastated and had my boyfriend send everyone home straight after. I don’t think the perpetrators meant to break anything – it was just my friend throwing another friend a basketball – but they did break something and so that was that. 

I called the renovators first thing on Monday morning and discussed the issue and my need for a bathroom refurbishment. They were very understanding of the situation and said that this isn’t the first time they’ve had a call of this nature. That made me feel slightly relieved as I was extremely embarrassed telling them how the shower screen shattered in the first place. This afternoon, the renovation company is sending me bathroom designers. Around Melbourne, there are plenty of designers, so it wasn’t hard to find some who could come out at such short notice, which I am very grateful for. My bathroom is definitely a hazard right now and this is the only shower in my tiny apartment. I would like to be able to shower again soon, so I’m glad this is happening quickly. 

It’s really unfortunate that this happened. I was extremely excited about my new apartment and wanted to share this excitement with my friends, only for it to be ruined. I won’t be inviting them around to my apartment for quite some time now because of this. I can’t afford for my new shower to be broken too. I guess I’ll never forget my housewarming party.