The Lonely Frog

As they say in Japan, ‘a frog in the well does not know the great sea’.

That doesn’t really apply to this current situation, but it IS interesting. I think it means that you need to broaden your horizons, lest you become like the frog…stuck in a well. Although frogs don’t typically live in wells; they get there by accident. So you can’t really blame him for not knowing the sea.

So we’ve learned not to be too particular with idioms, but also, aluminium ute canopies are the next big deal in the aluminium industry. Like that frog in the well- who may or may not have been placed there by an errant child, instead of jumping in of his own free will, and why would he, because it’s a big black hole and anything could’ve been at the bottom- I feel like I’m missing out on what’s going on with aluminium. I left the society because it was getting a bit too insular, and they were organising things like secret handshakes. The only reason I joined in the first place was because I wanted to keep up to date with aluminium products for my ute. Like, if a really cool half canopy was released to the market, we’d get an alert on our phones and we could have our pick of the…half canopies, or whatever.

Then it became about people coming to club meetings and making long presentations about random bits of aluminium they found in the junkyard. It was that one meeting where someone got up to perform a haiku about a piece of scrunched up foil they found in their childhood lunchbox that I thought it was no longer for me.

I wanted long discussions about the advantages of tapered under tray tool boxes. Or just people showing off their new toolboxes in general. Not this, like…society brotherhood deal. 

Maybe THEY’RE the frogs in the well, and I’m in the sea, with my aluminium and steel products.