Timber Gazebo DIY

My wife has been having a really hard time recently. She lost her job and her father has been in and out of hospital for the last few months, which is really taking its toll on her emotional wellbeing. Seeing as these are issues well above my pay grade, my role is to support her rather than fix her problems. Even though I wish I could make everything better for her, I know that’s not really possible. Nonetheless, I’ve been trying to think of something that I can do for her that’ll help make her life a little better. Last night, I figured it out.

I’m going to build her a gazebo in the backyard, which is a place that can be entirely her own. It’ll be a place where she can go to reflect alone, read a book or even have a nap. It’ll be her own safe haven, and I’m very happy to give that to her. To turn this idea into a reality, the first thing I did this morning was visit the local hardware store. Bentleigh is quite close to a variety of hardware stores, which is very good for me because it meant I was home very early in the day to get started on the project. When my wife woke up a couple of hours later, I had the foundation built and she was brought to tears at how thoughtful the present is. The look on her face brought a tear to my eye, too.

The rest of the build will take me approximately two weeks, and after that I’ll be ready to buy electrical supplies. Cheltenham is the closest suburb to Benteigh where I can buy these supplies, and luckily for me it isn’t very far away at all. I’ll be working on this project every night after work and full days on the weekends, so the less time I spend commuting for supplies the better. I just want this to be ready for my wife. She deserves somewhere to retreat to when things get a little too much. I love her.