Traditional Christmas Transfers


It’s Christmas, and you know what that means. 

It means everyone is going to putting up Christmas trees and buying presents. What? Did you think it was going to mean something else?

I need to get on that, because the Advent Calendar Militia has already swept through, burning and torching every advent calendar as they go. Seriously, try to find an advent calendar after December 1st. It won’t happen.

Oh, and don’t get me started on the conveyancers. Melbourne at Christmas is the craziest place in the world to find a conveyancer. Everyone panics, because offices are closed over the holiday period and they realise that the various businesses designed to facilitate the moving process will not be in operation. I get it, because we’re all in the same boat here. Maybe your Christmas tree catches fire, it spreads to the drapes, then to the whole house. Whoops – you’re homeless on Christmas day and you need to move to another home, one that hasn’t been burned to the ground. Oh, but whoops again! The conveyancing office is closed, my friend. It’s no longer open. You can’t move house today; you’re just going to have to have Christmas dinner, play raucous party games and watch The Muppet Christmas Carol in a charred hovel with no roof or walls. 

No one wants to be in that awkward position, so they’re all rushing to conveyancers throughout the month of December, organising a spare house if they need to move in at short notice. Of course, you need to get in pretty early, because you need to have all the paperwork finalised, the property transfers through and the keys handed over so you can go and set up all the emergency Christmas decorations. That stuff takes time, and I’m always leaving it too late.

Getting an appointment and making sure the vendors statement is above board in time set up the backup Christmas tree is darned near impossible. Golly, I can’t wait until this stuff is all online.