Travelling Ute Tray

In six months time, I’m going to a New Years Eve festival. It’s going to be the best experience of my life. We’re all taking a week off work and road tripping from Melbourne to Byron Bay, and then camping for three nights at the festival. All my mates are going and, don’t tell my parents this, but it might get a little rowdier than they would approve of. It won’t be anything crazy, but it’s going to be extremely fun. 

Because I’ve been getting myself hyped for the festival, I’ve started making alterations to my ute. I’m planning on sleeping in the back of it, and seeing as it will be summer and everything, I don’t see why this would be a problem. So that I don’t have to worry about bringing a bag, I’ve had one of those under tray tool boxes for utes installed. I’ll pack the tool box with all my clothes and belongings, and it’ll just be like a portable chested drawer. It’s genius, if I don’t say so myself.

At this point I’ve only had one tool box installed, but after talking to my mates (none of which own a ute so they’re relying on me to provide the goods), I think I might get a second one installed. Why not? It’s just taking advantage of the mid-year ute tray sales. Melbourne is quite a fair distance from Byron, and we’re guessing it’ll take us three or four days to get there. I’ve told the boys they can put as much of their belongings into the ute as possible, but anything that doesn’t fit they have to pack themselves. We’re cramming five of us in the one ute including luggage, so they know they’ve got to pack as light as possible. 

I bet you that I’ll be making alterations to my ute every month until we leave. I’m just so excited. The more projects I get through, the faster the festival will arrive. It couldn’t come sooner.