Ultra-Corp Origins

Today I had the opportunity of a lifetime. Nobody had ever been to the head offices of ULTRACORP before. I’d been trying to set up an interview with the CEOs of the massive conglomerate for months, and this morning they finally responded to my emails. I could have the interview, but the catch was, it had to be today. I was going to get some building supplies near Cheltenham, but I would have to wait.

Within half an hour I was walking through the doors of the ULTRACORP MegaTower, up to the ninety-ninth floor and into the head office. The receptionist said I could enter the office and meet Mr Karl and Mr Shaun. As I walked off, I heard the distinct sound of spitting, but when I turned around, I couldn’t see anything weird going on, so I ignored it.

The first thing that struck me as I entered the office of the CEOs was their distinct physical difference. Mr Shawn is tall, lean and dark-haired, dressed in a casual t-shirt with what looks like a purple superhero on it. Mr Karl, on the other hand, is short and stocky, like a dwarf with short and curly red hair. He wears a striped orange shirt and green suspenders. It is an odd image.

“Hello, Mr Karl and Mr Shawn,” I said. “I’m honoured to have this interview. First off, can you tell me how your powerful business came about?”

It was Mr Karl who spoke first. “We used to own a hardware store in the Cheltenham area together. We were perfectly happy with our business until our friend Jimmy suggested we make a worldwide, super corporation.”

“Jimmy?” I said, prompting more. “What’s he doing now?”

Mr Shawn answered that question. “Jimmy runs the hardware store since he bought it off us. Truthfully, I think he just wanted all of the supplies to make his inventions. He’s a clever one, that Jimmy Electron.”

For the rest of my interview with ULTRACORP, come back to my website next week!