Undercover Buyers Advocate

I’ve always wanted to be an undercover agent. I love the thrill of the chase, sourcing the problem, creating a solution. The feeling of success when someone succumbs to my wishes. Always getting what I want and doing what’s right. It’s the stuff of fantasies and ever since I was a kid, it’s what I wanted to do.

Unfortunately, I am no longer a child. I have rent, bills and numerous expenses, and it’s not feasible to chase after an impossible dream any longer. So I’ve been searching for jobs that have similar traits. Being a policeman doesn’t seem like it has enough reward. It appears to be a thankless job considering all the hard work that they do, and personally, I want more gratitude than that. I thought about taking it down a step in regards to the physicality of the job, and becoming a secret shopper. It could’ve been fun. I could catch people in the act and make the world a better place. However, it doesn’t have enough glory or the same ring to it as an undercover agent. It’s certainly less exciting. 

That’s when I came across the possibility of being a buyers advocate. Melbourne apparently has a lot of them, but they all work inconspicuously and are only known to each other. That seems cool. I would keep the identity of my client secret. So that’s a check in the undercover category. I would be able to access things that no one else could. Check. I would be on the frontline of the competition and battle it out for the win. Check. And I would do good. Check.

The role seems to have a lot going for it. But how does one get into a Melbourne buyers advocacy program? Do I have to go to uni? Tafe? I’m going to try and connect with someone in the field and ask for help. Wish me luck.