Window Watchers Cancelled

I have to do something, otherwise, my favourite television show will be cancelled. Well, it’s not really a television show, but it’s my substitute. It’s actually better than television if you’d believe it. Basically, my apartment is right across from a hotel. Other people think it’s weird that I do this, but I enjoy watching the stories that unfold just a dozen metres away from my window. All sorts of characters stay at that hotel, and I’ve even managed to report a few crimes to the police. But that’s all about to change. I’ve just been told that the hotel manager is going to order commercial tinting. Melbourne will lose its favourite reality show, or I will, at least.

What am I supposed to do with my day, stuck in my room, unable to watch people? I broke my leg a few months ago, and while it’s healing, the doctor has commanded me to do nothing but stay in my apartment. I can’t watch television or use a computer, because I have epilepsy. So tell me, what should I be doing all day other than watching the stories in the hotel? Read a book? Don’t be silly. Thanks to frosted window tinting, my only pastime will be going away. Don’t get me wrong, it will look great. But what about ol’ Fred?

This is like when that television show, “Battle for the Metal Chair” got cancelled, and everybody took to the streets in protest. I’m glad they cut it at season four, though, because I had this feeling that it was going to become terrible. They probably would have made Brand the cripple boy the king in the end. The situations are similar, but at the same time, this is totally different. I need my window watching. I’ll have to come up with a way to sabotage the manager’s plans. Or I could just try talking him out of it, convince him that my window watching is good for the community. It’s worth a shot I guess.

-Fred from Window Watchers